Current Obsession: Plaid

I’m starting today’s post with some quick trivia because I like to entertain and educate here on MS. Did you know that the term ‘plaid’ is used only in Canada in the US, and it is referred to as ‘tartan’ elsewhere? … Continue reading

Friday Faves

The weekend is upon us and I’m a few days in to a lovely visit from my Mom ; I’ve had such a great time showing her around my new city! Tonight we’re going to wander the Venice canals and … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Cutouts

Current Obsession: Cutouts

If ever there was a fashionable solution to a heat wave, cutouts have got to be it. Fresh, cheeky, and totally trendable (made that word up, do we like it?), cutouts provide a little built-in A/C with a heaping spoonful … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Navajo-Inspired

From haute couture runways to fashion-forward websites, Navajo-inspired prints have been popping up all over the trend reports. With bright, bold colours taking centre stage this spring after several seasons of black/white/neutrals I am giving a big, fat, open-armed embrace … Continue reading

Constant Obsession: Stripes

I usually call this series ‘Current Obsession’ but it’s safe to say that my deep, lingering affection for stripes is a forever kind of love. I find that a stripe motif makes a strong yet understated impression, and completely fulfills … Continue reading