The Very Best Tuna Salad

the very best tuna salad

If there was a Joy the Baker fan club (wait…is there one?) I’d be a card-carrying member. I’ve mentioned her here before, and I just can’t seem to get enough of her recipes (and her writing). Each day, a little something lands in my inbox from Joy the Baker and it’s like “Yes! Joy! You get me!”. She somehow always manages to put together a recipe for exactly what I’m craving in that moment. Spoooky.

the very best tuna salad

This insanely fresh and healthy recipe for no-mayo tuna salad (which she tops off with chips! Genius!) popped up several weeks ago and I squirreled it away in a folder until the exact right time.  That time is now. The only two changes I made were that I omitted the hard-boiled egg – dude, I was too hungry to wait for it to cook! And traded baby pickles for the capers she calls for in her recipe. Lip smackin’ delicious!

the very best tuna salad

the very best tuna salad

the very best tuna salad

xo Ali

7 thoughts on “The Very Best Tuna Salad

  1. Another delish secret for tuna salad: halved or quartered red grapes! Sounds strange but really great.

  2. I am not a mayo fan so have typically stayed away from tuna salad, but I will definitely give this one a try!

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