Friday Faves (Blogs!)

Mint Sprinkles favorite blogs

We all have a morning routine. Mine involves sitting down at my computer with a steaming cup of coffee, opening about 10 browser tabs and checking out what’s new on all of my favourite blogs (after I check news, emails and of course, The Skimm!) I absolutely love the instant gratification of the internet, seeing new posts go up is the same fun as getting your favourite magazine in the mail, but what joy! It happens daily! Because WHO CAN WAIT A MONTH FOR ANYTHING ANYMORE!?

I’m often asked what blogs I love best, and if you follow me on Twitter, then you probably already know because I share their content like crazy. I have my long time faves like Cupcakes and Cashmere and Quinn Cooper Style (who I did a kick ass DIY with this week!) but here are a few ladies that I’ve discovered just this past year. They are all doing magical things in the worlds of food, style, and general interneteering. Enjoy!

1. Joy the Baker: if you don’t enjoy drool-worthy baked goods and insane savoury snack combos (which you really should), then Joy (who is a baker, obvs) will get you with her pristinely zany writing and hilarious slant on her life in Venice Beach. She also has a pod cast!

2. I can’t decide what I love more about Atlantic-Pacific; the gorgeous and daring outfits that make me long to be a New Yorker, or the backdrop of the city itself.

3. Less blog and more online magazine, The Everygirl has a bit of, well, everything! Food, home, style, career, life, parties, etc.

4. Jacey Duprie of Damsel In Dior is like the big sister I never had. Regardless of the fact that we are the same age, she’s taught me so much about hair, makeup, and the art of the perfect blazer.

5. I just want to jump in to A House in the Hills and live there for a while…

6. Could I Have That? is mostly a fashion/style blog with a little sprinkling of quick but elegant food and drink.

Happy Friday!

xo Ali

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