Friday Faves

My Friday Faves are a real mixed bag this week, but with the weather finally turning in the great white north, I’m all about new ideas and a fresh spring start! Happy Friday… 1. Still in BETA mode but gaining … Continue reading

California Love

California…knows how to party. Scratch that. California knows how to live the good life. As I sit back in front of my computer (a bit fuzzy-minded from my west coast time delay) my thoughts keep drifting back to the past … Continue reading

Make a Statement

It’s been a while since I’ve considered throwing on an outfit that features a t-shirt (without the addition of a sweater, jacket, and scarf that is) but I was lucky enough to spend the past week in the California sunshine … Continue reading

Classic Cocktail: Earl Grey Tea 2.0

Now that we are well on our way to patio season, I thought it would be fun to introduce a regular series on how to be your very own mixologist; covering everything from the classic to the unexpected. So what … Continue reading