Sunday Bun Day


When the weekends roll around, I always strive for a balance of productivity and relaxation. Saturday naturally ends up being a fun yet manic mix of errands, projects around the home, and catching up on the tasks I tend to avoid throughout week (read: laundry). But Sunday. Oooh, those sweet Sundays. They are reserved for sleep ins, long lingering breakfasts, and that extra cup of coffee. Truth: a Sunday spent doing something splendid does wonders in warding off the looming Monday feel.

This Sunday I was lucky enough to find myself with a clear schedule and a willing sidekick; my lovely sister-in-law slash newly appointed Mint Sprinkles intern. We are both big in to baking and decided to challenge ourselves with a new recipe. When we came across this one for homemade cinnamon buns (the perfect complement to a mimosa and a lazy Sunday) we knew we just had to try it. Be forewarned that you need to have a good chunk of time on your hands for this; it’s not difficult but there are two points at which the dough must sit to rise. We weren’t too bothered though, we relished the opportunity for nail painting and ample girl talk.

buns1 buns2


buns3 buns7

xo Ali

6 thoughts on “Sunday Bun Day

  1. So impressed!!! I’ve been wanting to making cinnamon buns forever but am always scared off after reading the whole recipe. Let me know when you and Steph can come over and teach me the ropes! xoxo

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