Bringing the Flavour with Momofuku’s ‘It’ Cookie


When Momofuku Milk Bar (the decadently dessert-y offshoot of the popular Momofuku restaurant empire) opened in NYC a couple of years ago, people. went. bananas. Now, heated rumours have it that Milk Bar will soon be coming to Toronto and I could not be more pleased at the thought of lining up with a bushel of hipsters to check out all the ooey, gooey delicacies.


In the mean time, my sister-in-law slash most promising Mint Sprinkles intern (she’s the one who assisted me so expertly on these amazing cinnamon buns), has been whipping up her own homemade version of Momofuku’s famous Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies (using this recipe), and they are insane. In the best way.mcookies3

The crunch of the cornflakes with the unexpected texture of the marshmallows takes on the classic idea of a chocolate chip cookie and blows. it. away. Bring a plate of these bad boys to your next summer BBQ and people will probably chant your name or something.



xo Ali

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