Inside My Bag

Inside my bag 1

Hey! It’s been a while now, so let’s get to know each other on a deeper level, shall we? The contents of a woman’s purse can give you a quick snapshot of the life she leads, no gal can leave home without what she considers her basic survival items. Recently inspired by the site, What’s In My Handbag I thought I’d dump out the contents of my much-loved Balenciaga Classic City bag and give y’all a little window inside my every day chaos necessities.

Inside my bag 2

Inside my Bag:

Moleskin notebook for notes, thoughts and doodles

Ray-ban Matte Cat-Eye sunglasses for the California sunshine

Chanel Quilted tortoise shell eyeglasses for long stints in front of the computer

Soft red leather wallet, a gift from my brother from Rome, Italy

My fave Orbit gum in Spearmint

Always necessary mini bottle of Purell hand sanitizer

Car and house keys on my classic Tiffany & Co. round tag key ring

Trusty Band-Aids for breaking in new shoes

iPhone earbuds for jamming out to Beyoncé, of course

Orange Ginger Chimes, a delicious treat on the go

Mac Tinted Lipglass for touch-ups

Benefit Fakeup moisturizing concealer

Eos lip balm in ‘Sweet Mint’

Tiffany & Co. pen from my first day with the company back in 2007

Cherished photo booth shots of me + my man, and me + my little sis

J.R. Watkins travel size hand cream

xo Ali

2 thoughts on “Inside My Bag

  1. Ali, I just want you to know how much I LOVE reading “Mint Sprinkles”. Although you are so far away, it makes me feel like you’re close by and that brings me great joy and comfort.
    xoxo Auntie Mame

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