Avocado Cup Salad

Working from home can have its challenges. One of which is keeping up with the amount of groceries consumed when you are home all day every day. And when I can’t bring myself to fill up the cart, fill up … Continue reading

10 Winning Super Bowl Recipes

While I am far from a devoted football fan, I always kind of look forward to the Super Bowl as a fun excuse to get together with friends, eat like a boy and tune in for the commercials/halftime shows/betting/wardrobe malfunctions. … Continue reading

Easy Weeknight Zpaghetti + Turkey Meatballs

No, that is not a typo. I put a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’ on spaghetti because this is no ordinary spaghetti dish. In fact, this is a spaghetti dish that doesn’t even involve spaghetti. Woah! I know… This ultra … Continue reading

Candy Cane Crunch Cookies

For me, the holidays are all about baking delicious treats to share with friends (and indulge myself from time to time). When I came across this recipe for simple sugar cookies with a chocolate dip* and candy cane coated crunch*, … Continue reading