10 Winning Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowl snacks

While I am far from a devoted football fan, I always kind of look forward to the Super Bowl as a fun excuse to get together with friends, eat like a boy and tune in for the commercials/halftime shows/betting/wardrobe malfunctions. It’s been a beloved tradition the last couple of years for us to host a wild and wintery Sunday night of trivia games (even for those of us who have no idea what’s going on in the game), make-your-own-pizzas and cash prizes. And while, sadly, we will not be putting on a repeat performance this year (hoping to get back on track for 2015!) it doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in a Super Bowl treat or two, right? And with game day just around the corner, it’s time to get our snack game in order, people! Here are just a few of my faves to kick off (see what I did there?) a fantastic Super Bowl fiesta…


An easy, bite-sized option to get the party started (and veggie friendly!)

Super Bowl snacks - mini bruschetta by Love and Lemons

Image + recipe by Love and Lemons


Take the usual guacamole dip up a notch this year with my punchy pomegranate kick; dip classic tortilla chips and/or veggie sticks.

Super Bowl snacks - pomegranate guacamole

Image + recipe by Mint Sprinkles


Anything on a stick is party-friendly in my book. These antipasto kabobs hit most of the major food groups and can be made ahead of time for ease of entertaining on game day.

Super Bowl snacks - antipasto kabobs

Image + recipe by The Hungry Housewife


Whip up a big batch of these and place them about the room in place of a salty nut mix.

Super Bowl snacks - crispy spicy chickpeas

Image + recipe by Mint Sprinkles


Pulled chicken in a buffalo sauce just makes sense with football, am I right? Bonus! This is three recipes in one – pick your favorite!

Super Bowl snacks - Buffalo Chicken Three Ways

Image + recipe by Brit + Co.


Classic, filling, and (despite their name) surprisingly elegant when you do them the Martha Stewart way

Super Bowl snacks - pigs in a blanket

Image + recipe by Martha Stewart


Football and beer are kind of a power couple, but a Shandy is a fun afternoon alternative if you want to cut back on alcohol consumption or you just enjoy a refreshing pop of citrus (who doesn’t really…)

Super Bowl snacks - The Shandy

Image + recipe by Mint Sprinkles


The ultimate dessert indulgence. Why just make plain old chocolate chip cookies when you can make Buttered Popcorn Chocolate Chip Cookies?

Super Bowl snacks - popcorn chocolate chip cookies

Image + recipe by Joy the Baker


I actually did make these one year (they did not stick around long enough to capture my own photo) and they were a huge hit – people really appreciate the adorability [ed. note: I thought I made this word up but shockingly, I didn’t!] of the mini footballness (ok, that I did make up).

Super Bowl snacks - chocolate covered strawberry footballs

Image + recipe by Domestic Fits


To spice up your cocktails, Shandies, or sparkling water for your designated drivers, a few trays of sassy ice are the perfect touch!

Super Bowl snacks - sassy ice

Image + recipe by Mint Sprinkles

Go, team, go!

xo Ali

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