Classic Cocktail: The Shandy


Quite possibly the easiest drink to make in the world (just one additional step to opening a beer and pouring it into a glass), the Shandy is essentially any mixture of beer and citrusy soda pop. The traditional English Shandy calls for sparkling lemonade and an amber ale (which would be divine), but really any half-and-half mix of beer and soda will do. The most common mix in Canada is a Canadian beer (naturally), and Canada Dry Ginger Ale (that’ s GOT to be a record for most use of the word ‘Canada’ in one sentence).

So! Being the local supporter that I am, I tried out an equal mix of Mill Street Organic (a Toronto-based wheat beer) and Canada Dry’s classic ginger ale. This drink is the perfect sidekick to a patio and a hard-fought round of golf. Enjoy!



xo Ali


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