(Not-So-Classic) Cocktail: Mojito Popsicles

Ok, I had to do it. I jumped on the booze popsicle bandwagon. I have been teased and tempted by these all over the web (evidence here, here, and here) since summer weather was but a mere twinkle in my … Continue reading

Classic Cocktail: The Shandy

Quite possibly the easiest drink to make in the world (just one additional step to opening a beer and pouring it into a glass), the Shandy is essentially any mixture of beer and citrusy soda pop. The traditional English Shandy … Continue reading

Classic Cocktail: The North Shore

A few years ago, the hubby and I found ourselves waiting for a friend downtown and decided to slip in to a quaint little bar to kill the time over a drink. We both immediately selected ‘The North Shore’ from … Continue reading

Classic Cocktail: The All-Canadian Caesar

The Victoria Day weekend is here, marking the unofficial start to summer in the great white north, and I could not be more ready for what this summer will bring. And although the temps have been downright autumnal in the … Continue reading