Classic Cocktail: Dirty Vodka Martini

dirty vodka martini

And some weeks you just feel exhausted. The kind of exhausted that makes you not even care that you started a sentence with ‘and’. You have a lingering sore throat, not a stitch of food in the house, and a deep and longing need to bury yourself under the covers for the duration of the weekend. On these particular weeks you want less working/talking/tweeting/deciding and more D-I-R-T-Y Martinis. So let’s cut the blogging and get to the sipping!

dirty vodka martini

You’ll need:
– 4 to 6 oz of good vodka (you can also use gin, which is arguably the more classic choice but gin was the first thing I ever drank in life and you know how that story goes)

– a dash of dry vermouth

– your desired amount of olive juice (this puts the ‘dirty’ in dirty martini)

– extra olives because olives are boss

dirty vodka martini

What now?:

– pour vodka and vermouth in a cocktail shaker with a handful of ice and shake it up

– strain into a martini glass, then add a few drops of olive juice and as many olives as you desire

xo Ali

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