Sassy Water

I’ll admit it. I don’t drink enough water. I find it terribly boring and a survival task that I’m rather forgetful about. I would never forget about food. Never ever. But water? Sigh…what a burden. A couple of years ago I decided I had better make water a more appealing prospect if I intended to keep my skin and insides from drying up completely. I despised the idea of adding sugary powders or liquids so I settled on a natural and delicious alternative; what myself and guests of my home have come to refer to affectionately as, Sassy Water. While I can’t claim to have invented Sassy Water (I sipped my first sass at Ste. Anne’s Spa years ago), I can claim to have made it a signature staple in our kitchen. If friends can expect anything when they come over, you better believe it’s Sassy Water. The remarks I get the most from friends are how easy it would be to recreate Sassy Water in their own homes, and yet they often forget about it as an option until they come for another visit. So, I challenge you to make a pitcher of Sassy Water this week and see how easy and refreshing it is. Here are just a few ways to sass it up!

The Classic

cucumber water


The Fresh Mix

orange mint water

Orange + Mint

The Unexpected

blueberries raspberries

Blueberry, Raspberry + Tarragon

The Pretty Lady

lemon mint strawberry water

Lemon, Mint + Strawberry

The Sweet

SassyWater - plumcinnamon

Plum + Cinnamon Stick

The Savoury

lime cilantro jalapeno water

Lime, Cilantro + Jalapeño

Let me know about the fun combos you create!

xo Ali

7 thoughts on “Sassy Water

  1. Omg I do ALWAYS forget about Sassy water. It’s one of my favourite things in your house and I never make it at home. I am definitely doing this today.

    P.s. cool photos!!

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