Friday Faves

Mint Sprinkles Friday Faves

The sun has been shining all week, and I’ve been filled with a sense of hope and unbridled optimism. There are BIG fat things on the horizon for this season, and I had such a lovely and heartwarming response to my post on gratitude this week. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend of summer fun, and to kick it off, here are a few of my current faves…

1. I have found poolside perfection and it comes in the form of this J.Crew striped cover-up. Makes me want to sail away!

2. The indoor house plant that I have promised myself I will own one day soon is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Ficus (say that 10 times fast). Leave it to the internet to make a house plant trendy, but it’s popping up on some of my fave blogs like here, here and here.

3. My mom just got me this fantastic water bottle with an infuser attachment so I can take my Sassy Water on the go!

4. When you are so sick of the usual small talk, take a cue from online writing superstar, Alexandra Franzen and her list of 100 alternatives to the question ‘so whadda ya do?’

5. For me, cherries = summer.

6. I’m often asked what my favourite blogs are. I have an embarrassingly extensive daily blog reading list, but my current super-stylish-blogging-girl-crush is Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam. Check her out!

Happy Friday!

xo Ali

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