Go(ing) West

moving to los angeles

After 5+ years of dreaming the impossible dream, Mr. Sprinkles and I have decided to pack up the bare essentials of our life in Toronto and move to the land of sunshine and mini skirts – LA! Leaving the place where I was born and raised is a pretty funny feeling, and while I am crazy excited for this next big step in our journey, it’s all bittersweetness in my heart right about now. I have just 9 short weeks to say goodbye to my hometown and the amazingly wonderful people in it – how does one do that, I ask!? And will I have to stop spelling colour with a ‘u’?

As for the blog, don’t you fret, I will continue to bring the same brand of minty freshness from the west coast. And if anything, my new oceanside turf will provide many more opportunities for blogging delights. At the very least it will give my local followers (read: friends and fam) a little window into the ups and downs of settling in to our new neighbourhood new city new country. Off we go, adventure awaits!

Peace, love, and hang ten?

xo Ali

12 thoughts on “Go(ing) West

  1. So excited for you two!! Really glad you will keep blogging, can’t wait to hear about the adventures you get up to on the west coast! You will love it here.

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  3. You sure have a wonderful attitude. That will certainly be an asset for you and hubby to have an easy adjustment. Grandpa and I wish you GOOD LUCK with all your future endevours. We now have a new place to visit and i hope you will be visiting us too.

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