On Canadianisms


First, let me wish all my Canadian readers a hearty happy Canada Day! Since we tend to timidly forgo patriotism the other 364 days of the year, today is the day to shout it from the rooftops…or at least enjoy a well-earned, muggy-hot day off.

The oft subtle differences between Canadians and Americans can certainly go undetected to most and yet, when our culturally quirky twist on Americanisms and Britishisms collide, it is never more apparent that there are, in fact, differences. And as I prepare to soon be a Canadian among Americans, it leaves me wondering if I will be self-conscious of my ‘ehs’, ‘aboots’, ‘pop’-drinking, and ‘tuque’-wearing ways? I guess I’ll have to update you in a part two when I find out. In the mean time, as we Canadians sure do enjoy the Americans’ curiosity at our ‘isms’, I came across this “American’s Guide to Canadianisms” and thought there was never a better time to share it than today!

xo Ali

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