Beer Bottle Bud Vase

DIY beer bottle bud vase

This summer, I’m all about displaying my fresh cut flowers in fun and unexpected new ways. This quick and easy DIY works with any kind of wine or beer bottle (got some of those kicking around from the long weekend perhaps?) and instantly brings a mod vibe to any room. I love the look of a single bloom, but you could most definitely round-up 3 or 4 bottles for a bigger impact. If you’re ready to turn your recyclables into where’d-you-get-that? awesomeness, then follow these super simple steps.

DIY beer bottle bud vase

You’ll need:

– 1 beer or wine bottle

– 1 can spray paint (I used matte white, but any colour will do). You can tell I’m a big fan of DIY’s involving spray paint here and here.

– drop cloth or other surface to work on

– a single bloom of your most favourite summer flower

DIY beer bottle bud vase

What now?:

– peel any paper labels off of your beer bottle(s)

– thoroughly wash and dry entire bottle

– set up your work surface outside to limit spray paint fume headaches and general irreparable mistakes

– place bottle upside down on stable work surface

– coat bottle with several layers of spray paint until you reach desired coverage (allowing each layer to dry thoroughly between sprays)

– when bottle is dry to the touch, flip ‘er back up, fill with water, and drop in your bloom!

DIY beer bottle bud vase

xo Ali

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