Cheeky Pantry Jars

gift jars

The beauty of these cheeky little pantry jars is two-fold: they are beyond easy to make, and they are beyond adorable when personalized for yourself, a friend, your mom or a host(ess). The key is to track down some little toys that perfectly fit the recipient. Have a dog lover in your life? You could create the dog jar shown here and fill it with gourmet kibble. For the athlete or overachiever, this mini trophy jar would be the perfect fit filled with their favourite candies. The truth is, they are actually way too cute to stash away in your pantry, so leave them out; on the kitchen counter, your desk at work, they would even be perfect in a bathroom filled with all your vanity essentials. Read on to see just how easy these little suckers are to make!


You’ll need:

  • a plain glass jar (or jars) with flat lid(s)
  • small rubber or plastic toys
  • a glue gun or super glue
  • tin foil/newspaper/drop cloth to use for spray painting
  • spray paint in your favourite colour


What now?:

  • remove and clean dust or dirt off jar lids
  • glue your chosen toys down in the middle of each lid using a glue gun or super glue
  • take lids outside or make sure to thoroughly cover a work surface
  • spray paint lids with attached toys until you have evenly covered the entire surfaces
  • allow to dry for 24 hrs
  • fill jars with your or your recipient’s favourite goodies



xo Ali

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