An Ode to My Summer Staycation

Ward's Island Toronto

Family brunch on Ward’s Island, Toronto

It’s hard to believe that July is coming to a close, with August quick on its heels. And while we still have a good amount of summer sun to revel in before we hear the crunch of leaves underfoot, I find mid-summer to be a good time to take stock of how I’ve spent the season thus far and decide what adventures to prioritize while the days are still long, lazy, and relatively carefree.

St. Lawrence Market flowers

Flower picking w my sister @ St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Thanks to our move out west at the end of August, we hadn’t planned any time away at all this summer season; preferring instead to spend what time we have left in town with friends and family and (of course) working out all the many details of our exciting next step. As such, I made up quite a lengthy list of hometown things I wanted to do/see/eat/explore before Toronto becomes a place of chaotic catch up sessions at peak holiday times.

Ali Maldoff  at Aberfoyle Antique Market

Buying new old things @ Aberfoyle Antique Market, Aberfoyle ON

Perhaps it’s the urgency of my timeline, or the sentimentality of knowing I’ll soon be exploring a new hometown, but my summer staycation list has made the season feel incredibly rich and fulfilling. From a short jaunt off the highway to dig through old treasures, to wandering the sights, sounds and smells of the city’s largest farmer’s market, to crafting new things and test-driving new recipes, I’ve tried my best to take it slow and truly be in the moment. Turns out, you can recapture some of that childhood sense of summer when you aren’t zipping in and out of town.

The Old Curiosity Tea Shop, Unionville Ontario

A long-overdue tea party @ The Old Curiosity Tea Shop, Unionville ON

These pics are just a small roundup of my whirlwind summer weekends spent in the city. What would you include on your summer staycation list? For some more fun ideas, head over to She Does the City where writers and readers have shared their summer to-do lists.

Starbucks cup

Long to-do list making sessions in the park

Ali Maldoff at Issmi Sushi Toronto

Date nights in our neighbourhood

summer reading list

My summer reading list

Osteria Dei Ganzi Toronto

Girl talk w my Mom @ Osteria Dei Ganzi, Toronto

Castle Board Game Cafe Toronto

Rainy day w my sis-in-law @ Castle Board Game Cafe, Toronto

Rock Lobster Company Toronto

Checking off my Toronto restaurant bucket list @ Rock Lobster on Ossington

candy table

Backyard treats on a summer’s eve

Hart House, University of Toronto

Exploring some of Toronto’s oldest buildings w my Dad @ U of T campus

xo Ali

5 thoughts on “An Ode to My Summer Staycation

  1. Ali this is such a great list! I am coming home with my boyfriend at the end of August and you have given me a great starting point of things to do/show him in Toronto.

  2. Ali this is a great list and makes me quite nostalgic for my old hometown! Glad you are really soaking up your summer. And small world, 642 Things to Write About is on my summer “reading” list too!

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