To Market, to Market

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Sometimes I forget that I live in a city with one of the world’s best farmer’s markets. And although my family lives in the St.Lawrence Market area, until recently I’ve taken for granted that a world of sights, sounds, colours and flavours sits just steps away from their door. This weekend, I spent a lovely day with my sister wandering the many halls of the market and scooping up all of our favourite goodies for a farm fresh lunch platter that could rival any restaurant in the neighbourhood. We grabbed fresh local meats, cheeses and veggies as well as a fist full of cheery orange tulips for Momma’s Day. Arriving home, we curled up with our assortment of market treasures, some fresh coffee, and our approximately 50th viewing of Titanic (a joint fave) for a truly perfect Saturday. If you haven’t made a trip downtown to the St.Lawrence Market, I would definitely put it on your list for a spring outing in the city!

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Psst…those little round red balls in the above photo are called ‘cherry bombs’ (sweet red peppers stuffed with feta cheese) and they were beyond delicious!

xo Ali

9 thoughts on “To Market, to Market

  1. I haven’t been to the St. Lawrence Market in years. I’m definitely going to take a trip this summer when I’m in town. Mike has never been.
    Thanks for the reminder of how great it is.
    xo Quinn

    • Quinn – you for sure have to make a trip down there this summer. There’s one whole building of food and then another of flea market type finds (furniture, accessories, etc.) You can spend a whole day there!

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