Friday Faves


I spent every day this week thinking it was Thursday, which as you can imagine makes for a looong few days. It was one of those weeks filled with silly little tasks that ended up taking three times as long as they should because of traffic/stuff/other humans and for some reason I dragged myself around in a fog of fatigue that no amount of coffee could touch. Despite my sloth-like attitude I did, however discover a few fun things to brighten my week along the way that I just had to share with you. It’s all about the little things…

1. The time has come to replace my little red wallet; the button is busted and the card slots are officially frayed. I’ve been on the hunt, but nothing quite fit the bill until I came across this preppy chic number by Clare Vivier. The best part? It can be monogrammed – dreamy!

2. Living in Canada, I’m used to getting all good things on a delay, and until recently these coconut M&Ms were only available in the US. Better late than never!

3. It’s dinner party season in my house and I’ve decided to kick the table setting up a notch, starting with this list of 28 creative napkin-folding techniques.

4. I came across Camp Tech while perusing one of my fave websites, She Does the City, and have made a promise to myself to take a class this spring to keep up on the ever-changing world of the interweb.

5. My new fave nail polish colour is ‘Lilacism’ by Essie. I’ve been waiting to break out this soft purple since Christmas time and now it’s all I want to wear!

6. Want to start a garage band this summer? Or entertain yourself on a slow Friday at the office? Check out the Band Name Maker. This site will generate a list of band names at random or based on specific key words. Personally, I think ‘Ghetto Mint Sprinkles and the Roadside Proximity’ could really toughen up my image.

Happy Friday!

xo Ali

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