Friday Faves

Mint Sprinkles Friday Faves No. 10

Well we’ve hit the peak of summer but I’m still really revelling in the warmth, sunshine and outdoor meals even though September is now in sight (sorry!) This weekend is a long one (wahoo!) and I’m hoping for a balanced dose of organizing the house and continuing with my staycation bucket list. Happy Friday!

1. I’ve been a fan of Aroma Espresso Bar for a while now, but a brand new location has opened up in my work ‘hood and I could not be happier (or more caffeinated) with their delicious Americanos. MUCH better than Starbucks. Yeah, I said it.

2. One mega item on my grown-up life wish list was checked off recently when I received a cashmere robe as a belated birthday gift. If you’re a robe person, then you’ll certainly get that one made of pure cashmere is the Channing Tatum of robes. Needless to say, I’m living in it to the point that my neighbours must recognize it by now.

3. Cool jewels alert: Sweet & Spark is an online vintage jewelry curator that scours the globe for amazing costume jewelry finds from pre-90’s and sends them right to your door.

4. After working on my Sassy Ice post from earlier this week, I cannot get enough of this stuff. I’ve made trays upon trays for cocktails, water, wine (what? It’s like Sangria, no?).

5. I dream of carrying this simple leather tote from Baggu to and from farmer’s markets this summer and fall.

6. My sweet friend and co-founder at Aromachology set me up with a travel pack of their loveliest fragrances this week. Is it bad I’ve already lit the Clean & Fresh travel candle without actually having traveled anywhere?

xo Ali

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