Classic Cocktail: The All-Canadian Caesar


The Victoria Day weekend is here, marking the unofficial start to summer in the great white north, and I could not be more ready for what this summer will bring. And although the temps have been downright autumnal in the weeks leading up to the holiday we long for all winter, the city will be collectively journeying up to cottages and kicking back with an afternoon beverage or two. There is no holiday cocktail more Canadian than the classic Caesar; a drink that can kick-start a festive brunch, top off a dockside happy hour, or keep you refreshed around the campfire. Believe it or not, of all the Caesars I have tasted in my time, I’ve never actually attempted to make one myself. I know! What!? Are the Girl Guides going to strip me of my Canada badge!? So in anticipation of one of my favourite holiday weekends, I thought I’d test drive this recipe and man, did it deliver!


You’ll need:

– ice

– 1 oz vodka

– 2 dashes of hot sauce (Frank’s red hot!)

– a few good cranks of your pepper grinder, and a couple from your sea salt grinder too

– 4 dashes of Worcestershire sauce (can anyone pronounce that!?)

– about 4 oz of Mott’s Clamato Original Cocktail (yes, that’s tomato + clam juice…crazy Canadians!) *note: this is THE defining element between a Bloody Mary and a Caesar

– tangy garnishes including 1 celery stick (standard and necessary) and any mixture of green olives, pickles, pearl onions, hot peppers, etc.

– lime wedge and celery salt for cocktail rim (optional)


Now what?:

– rim a high ball glass, first with a lime wedge and then with the celery salt

– add ice to glass and follow with the rest of the ingredients

– mix thoroughly and garnish with celery and any other additional goodies

– sip, savour, repeat

Happy May 2-4!

xo Ali

5 thoughts on “Classic Cocktail: The All-Canadian Caesar

  1. ugh U just LOVE a good caesar:) If you’re ever in Whistler, BC head to the GLC (Garibaldi Lift Co.) or Longhorns. Both watering holes have delicious caesars:) Happy May long! Thanks for the post:)

  2. This drink looks out of this world!
    It is SO hard to find anywhere in NYC that serves caesars. Bloody Mary’s are just not the same. Can’t wait to be in Canada for 2 weeks this summer and enjoy a couple of caesars.

    • Totally! Amazing to think that people prefer a drink based in clam broth but it’s definitely a superior option to the Bloody Mary. We’ll have to share a Caesar or two when you’re in town this summer!

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