8 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

last minute Halloween costume ideas

Despite the month-long lead up to Halloween online and in stores, I have somehow managed to put it completely out of my mind until this week when I realized that I better have a costume idea ready to go in the case of super fun Halloween plans. Sure, there are some who look forward to this Hallmark holiday from the first chill in the air, but for those last-minute ladies like myself, here are just a few ideas you can throw together in a snap – either from items you already own or with the addition of just a quick accessory or two.


mime costume
Black/white stripe top | Black leggings | White gloves | Black beret | Red lips


cruella deville costume
Cigarette holder | Black/white faux fur coat | Long gloves | Baby powder half your hair | Black dress


where's waldo costume
Red/white stripe hat | Red/white stripe top | Round black glasses | Jeans | Camera around your neck


walk of shame costume
Long men’s shirt | Fancy heels | Sparkly clutch | Smudge red lips | Messy hair | Large men’s hoodie


Holly Golightly costume
High-neck black dress | Big sparkly necklace | Big dark shades | French rolled hair | Cigarette holder


Kate Middleton costume
Royal blue dress | Fascinator | Low sensible heels | Shiny long hair | Large faux ring (Ring Pop maybe?)


Wednesday Addams costume
White shirt | Black sweater | Black skirt | Black oxford shoes | Braided pigtails


Lumberjack costume
Boyfriend jeans | Red/black flannel shirt | Ear flap hat | Winter boots | Thermos (for your cocktails!)

Happy Halloween!

xo Ali


4 thoughts on “8 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. I love all these ideas!! =)
    Thanks for the inspiration! I plan on making my costume as well, here’s hoping it goes well! If not, I’ll be doing the walk of shame costume, that is so funny!!!

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