Current Obsession: Navajo-Inspired

Navajo Combo

From haute couture runways to fashion-forward websites, Navajo-inspired prints have been popping up all over the trend reports. With bright, bold colours taking centre stage this spring after several seasons of black/white/neutrals I am giving a big, fat, open-armed embrace to beautiful, happy prints like these ones. I found love with my first Navajo-inspired piece in a hopeless unexpected place (browsing the clearance rack at Target) on my recent trip to California. Since then, I’ve found myself bookmarking quirky little Navajo-esque items which have added up to quite the list of must-haves. First up, this adorable backpack that reminds me of the fresh-faced, care-free days of the 90s.

Etsy Navajo backpack


Pretty in Pink Navajo skirt

Pretty in Pink

Wavy Navajo bow tie


Navajo - me

Target skirt

Bibhu Navajo dress


River Island Navajo denim shorts

River Island

Society 6 Navajo iphone case

Society 6



Navajo - Keep shoes


xo Ali

Feature images clockwise from top left: Obaz, Urban Outfitters, Orchid Grey, Anthropologie

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