California Love


California…knows how to party. Scratch that. California knows how to live the good life. As I sit back in front of my computer (a bit fuzzy-minded from my west coast time delay) my thoughts keep drifting back to the past week I spent along the edge of So Cal. Some very dear friends were kind enough to invite us along on an amazingly relaxing getaway filled with palm trees, blue skies, mexican breakfasts (lunches and dinners), card games, hearty laughter and trips to suburban plazas that seemed anything but mundane.

In the 24 hr/day world of social media, I don’t often find myself taking a few hours break from the computer, let alone a few days. After the initial twitches wore off, I got re-acquainted with taking deep breaths, walks with no set destination, and not knowing what day or time it was. I didn’t go overboard on photos either, opting instead for capturing the breezy feel of my surroundings rather than documenting them. This is basically my entire trip album, and as I review it now I find it actually does evoke the chill, minimalist vibe of the California coast. Can’t wait to get back there…


Grey and moody @ La Jolla


Cloudy day wear

La Jolla highlights included a fresh Mexican-style brunch @ Coffee Cup Cafe and pondering a wardrobe makeover @ Kerut boutique.


Ocean views @ Torrey Pines Nature Reserve


Toes in the sand @ Carlsbad Beach

I highly recommend this leisurely hike among the area’s famous Torrey Pine trees, and a dip along the massive stretch of sand that is Carlsbad Beach.


Breezy palms @ Aviara


City sunshine in Beverly Hills

We enjoyed Honey’s Bistro & Bakery for a hearty Californian breakfast, and Blue Ribbon, Las Olas, Bistro West, and Pacific Coast Grill for delicious local dinners.


Taking a breath @ Carlsbad Beach


Retro feel @ Carlsbad Beach

xo Ali

9 thoughts on “California Love

  1. Looks like you had the best time. I would love to move to LA, but according to my husband that will never happen. The weather is just so good, as well as the food.
    I just love the quality of life there. It just seems like a grind here on the East Coast.
    xo Quinn

  2. Zach was living in Carlsbad for golf school! Such a great area! Loved torrey pines and that incredible coastline!

    • Lucky guy! Every single person seemed so happy and was so friendly and I can understand why if they live in such a beautiful place!

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