Current Obsession: Matryoshka Madness

When I was very little, a family friend gave me a set of beautiful, hand-painted Matryoshka dolls just like the ones pictured above. Something about their bright cheery faces and stackable function made them endlessly fascinating to me, and I … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Cutouts

Current Obsession: Cutouts

If ever there was a fashionable solution to a heat wave, cutouts have got to be it. Fresh, cheeky, and totally trendable (made that word up, do we like it?), cutouts provide a little built-in A/C with a heaping spoonful … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Navajo-Inspired

From haute couture runways to fashion-forward websites, Navajo-inspired prints have been popping up all over the trend reports. With bright, bold colours taking centre stage this spring after several seasons of black/white/neutrals I am giving a big, fat, open-armed embrace … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Succulents

Once I owned my own home and vowed to fill it with beautiful greenery to keep it cheery all year long, I learned pretty quickly that I am extremely hopeless when it comes to the scale of Green Thumb-ery (a … Continue reading

Friday Faves

After rounding up my Friday Faves, it’s clear that I’m craving a good dose of fun in the sun. Good thing a trip to California is on the horizon! 1. I’m really digging this preppy one-piece swimsuit by J.Crew. 2. … Continue reading