Friday Faves


After rounding up my Friday Faves, it’s clear that I’m craving a good dose of fun in the sun. Good thing a trip to California is on the horizon!

1. I’m really digging this preppy one-piece swimsuit by J.Crew.

2. This adorable Etsy shop creates hilarious jewelry with your favourite stars’ faces. Zack Morris studs? Yes please!

3. My sister-in-law just introduced me to ImgFave, a Pinterest-like iPhone app that delivers fun/funny/beautiful/inspiring images in a newsfeed format.

4. On my grown-up-art wish list is a dreamy beachscape from Toronto-based Fine Art Photographer, Dean West.

5. My favourite way to work a trend is with a new pair of sunglasses. Currently involved in a love affair with these round silver lenses by Prada.

6. I know Cards Against Humanity is oh-so trendy right now, but I just got a fresh box in the mail and I’m itching to get a group together to play!

Happy Friday,

xo Ali

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