Friday Faves

It’s been a crazy work week, so I’m most definitely looking forward to a weekend of sunshine, relaxation, and a little holiday baking. Happy Friday! 1. I’m not usually into novelty tees, but this one from Society6 is too funny. … Continue reading

Friday Faves (Blogs!)

We all have a morning routine. Mine involves sitting down at my computer with a steaming cup of coffee, opening about 10 browser tabs and checking out what’s new on all of my favourite blogs (after I check news, emails … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Cutouts

Current Obsession: Cutouts

If ever there was a fashionable solution to a heat wave, cutouts have got to be it. Fresh, cheeky, and totally trendable (made that word up, do we like it?), cutouts provide a little built-in A/C with a heaping spoonful … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Soft Neutrals

 Don’t get me wrong, I am a colour girl at my core. I even declare my love for the bold, bright, and beautiful here, here and here, but as I welcome back the summer wardrobe I missed so fondly, I’ve been thinking that a … Continue reading

6 Life Hacks

Life is hard enough. We could all use some shortcuts. Frozen Herbs If they do it to fruits and veggies, then the next natural step would be freezing herbs too, no? I don’t know about you, but when I’m on … Continue reading