Current Obsession: Matryoshka Madness

Matryoshka dolls


When I was very little, a family friend gave me a set of beautiful, hand-painted Matryoshka dolls just like the ones pictured above. Something about their bright cheery faces and stackable function made them endlessly fascinating to me, and I delighted in showing off the tiniest, babiest one to everyone who had the patience to watch me dismantle them all.

As I get older, I find that kitschy little symbols of my past are held dear in the mushy part of my heart and when I came across the above image I panicked a little, realizing that I must have misplaced my little Matryoshkas years ago amid one of my many moves. So now my mission is to find a lovely new set to display on a bookshelf, or maybe among my cookbooks in the kitchen for a bright pop of colour and nostalgia.  Another option would be to incorporate the same idea with some of these adorable and quirky Matryoshka themed products. How cute! Right?

Matryoshka cookie cutters

Munchkin Munchies

Matryoshka measuring cups

Urban Outfitters

Matryoshka tea towel


Matryoshka mug


Matryoshka key covers


Chanel Matryoshka bag


Matryoshka glasses

Fred & Friends

Matryoshka print


xo Ali

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