Toast to the End of Summer with a DIY Champagne Cocktail Bar

DIY champagne cocktail bar

A little while back, I hosted a bridal shower for my lovely cousin, Jill. She’s a self-professed Pinterest maniac fan and an all round lover of beautiful, girly things, so when I started the planning process I knew a make-your-own champagne cocktail bar was a must! Girls + champagne + fruitiness = perfection!

I was thinking about the change in season the other day as I wrapped a scarf around my neck IN AUGUST(!!) and thought it would be so nice to recreate this idea over labour day weekend as a toast to the close of summer and in anticipation of what’s to come this fall. It could not be easier to set out the ingredients and let your friends go wild, it’s visually appealing and interactive – a great addition to a sunny Sunday brunch!

You’ll need:

– a few bottles of sparkling wine (champagne if you’ve got the budget!)

– 3 types of juice (I used orange, grapefruit and pineapple)

– 3 types of fruit (I used blueberries, raspberries and nectarines)

What now?:

– wash fruit, cutting larger ones (eg. nectarines) into bite-sized pieces and set them out in small dishes

– line up champagne flutes and bottles so they are easily accessible

– pour juice into carafes and add cute labels so your guests can distinguish them

– instruct guests to place a spoonful of fruit in the bottom of their glass, and top up with champagne and juice!


xo Ali

Feature image via Jill Clark

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