9 Things I Do When I Need a Break from the Outside World


Sometimes life gets ultra hectic. Not in a bad way, just in a highly scheduled, busy way. In a way that makes the week feel full and productive, but also in a way that makes you miss your regular Monday post entirely (oops!). Being out in the world can not only bring wonderful experiences, but it just so happens to be the exact thing that stands between you and complete hermit-hood. And while I thoroughly enjoy a packed schedule here and there, I do relish my alone time to recharge the old batteries. Here are just a few strategies I use to refocus and take some much-needed quiet time during chaotic spells.

Sit by the water

intracoastal water

Crank my favourite playlist and have a solo dance party

dance party

Walk or run through a fancy neighbourhood and pick out my dream home

running shoes

Three words: ice cream break

ice cream

Cook or bake something elaborate


Hold a childhood movie marathon


Write a thank you note

thankyou note

Re-organize my closet

women's closet

Take a bubble bath

bubble bath

xo Ali

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