Constant Obsession: Stripes

stripes - chick

I usually call this series ‘Current Obsession’ but it’s safe to say that my deep, lingering affection for stripes is a forever kind of love. I find that a stripe motif makes a strong yet understated impression, and completely fulfills everything I look for in a pattern; crisp, simple and always fresh. The blue and white nautical look is my true achilles heel (my sister has been known to physically restrain me from yet another duplication in my wardrobe), but I could never ignore all the other beautiful colours of the rainbow entirely…

colourful striped top

Atlantic – Pacific

stripes - silk blouse


stripes - penny pincher

Penny Pincher Fashion

grey/white stripe slipper

Charles Philip Shanghai


Love Locke

stripe bag


Asos stripe skirt


black/white striped settee

Jessica Waks via Style at Home

xo Ali

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