Friday Faves

Mint Sprinkles Friday Faves

The weekend is upon us and I’m a few days in to a lovely visit from my Mom ; I’ve had such a great time showing her around my new city! Tonight we’re going to wander the Venice canals and hit up a restaurant I’ve been dying to try since I got here. Happy Friday!

1. This ASOS sweater coat is going to be the perfect light layer for LA winters – and comes in my favorite neutral grey.

2. Fall means apple season, and while I can’t participate in my favorite autumn activity (apple picking) I will still relish in all the apple-y goodness with some of these recipes from Smitten Kitchen.

3. We’ve updated our place by adding a pop of black and white chevron with these West Elm throw pillows.

4. Hooray for this Kate Spade Saturday vase that will help even the wilty-est of flowers stand up straight.

5. And speaking of wilty flowers, I’m quickly realizing that one of the best parts of living in California is spring flowers all year round. I placed these tulips in our guest room for my mom’s arrival earlier this week.

6. I’m clearly late to the podcast bandwagon, but I’m finding them to be excellent company in the car or on long walks. Lately I’ve been listening to WTF by Marc Maron, in which he interviews some of comedy’s greats.

xo Ali

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