Current Obsession: The Fall Chapeau

Even though we’ve been enduring sweating out loving the 85 degree weather for the past couple of weeks, it’s like something went ‘snap’ in my head just after labour day (not like a scary ‘snap’…that sounded weird), and all of … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Matryoshka Madness

When I was very little, a family friend gave me a set of beautiful, hand-painted Matryoshka dolls just like the ones pictured above. Something about their bright cheery faces and stackable function made them endlessly fascinating to me, and I … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Cutouts

Current Obsession: Cutouts

If ever there was a fashionable solution to a heat wave, cutouts have got to be it. Fresh, cheeky, and totally trendable (made that word up, do we like it?), cutouts provide a little built-in A/C with a heaping spoonful … Continue reading