Friday Faves: Holiday Movies

best Christmas movies

My brain is in such holiday mode right now that I kind of can’t believe that Christmas hasn’t already come and gone. But with only a couple of weeks to go, I’m not slowing down the holiday traditions around here yet! There’s been a cold snap in the LA area and I’ve finally got a chance to do romantic winter things like curling up in bed with a hot cup of coffee and wearing my new cashmere beanie (translation: toque).

This weekend has a few wintery-fun things in store including a holiday party and a trip downtown to go skating with some dear friends. Other than these few trips out of doors, I’m hoping to spend a good portion of the weekend marathoning my favorite holiday movies – some old, some new, all timeless. I’d love to know, are there any other great holiday movies on your list?

I’m a sucker for the feel good sappiness of The Holiday (also, Jude Law is excellent to look at).

Constant giggles watching Will Farrell in Elf.

I could certainly watch this at any time of year, but Love Actually is a must at Christmastime.

A Christmas Story brings back so many childhood memories – still curious slash frightened to try that whole tongue on the flagpole bit.

Every year, my mom, sister, aunt, little cousin and I cozy up for a screening of the classic musical, White Christmas.

Can’t go wrong with the Chevy Chase antics in Christmas Vacation.

Happy marathoning!

xo Ali

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves: Holiday Movies

  1. All the above stir up lots of joyful christmas memories and family traditions, however the christmas movie that best speaks to the meaning of the season and what is truly important for me is, “It’s A Wonderful Life”. Always worth a spin, makes me cry in the same spot every year.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

    • Can you believe I’ve actually never seen this one before!? Will most definitely have to put it on my list for this year, thanks :)

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