Go On, Treat Yo Self

treat yo self

While it’s certainly the season for giving, there is no reason why there can’t be a little treat in it for you! Something that says, ‘way to make it through this year like a champ, champ!’ This year, I intend on taking a little me time on xmas eve before all the whirlwind holiday activity begins with a luxurious mani-pedi at my new favorite spot, Olive & June. Here are just a few more ideas for spoiling yourself this holiday. Go on, you deserve it.

Book a solo mani-pedi

Take in a matinée movie

3 words: book + bubble + bath

Sign up for a class and finally try that thing you’ve been dying to try: creative writing, French cooking, salsa dancing, Photoshop – just do it!

4 more words: fancy + coffee + indulgent + pastry

Set aside a couple of hours to get lost in a museum or art gallery

Throw out those cosmetics you’ve been nursing since university (guilty!) and start fresh – you’re a grown ass woman!

Wander over to your local flower or farmer’s market and pick out your dream bouquet, just because.

Any  other bright ideas?

xo Ali

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