Work It Out

work it out

Maybe it’s because I’m about to wrap up my twenties, maybe it’s living in the land of the beautiful, but lately I’ve taken working out from a back-burner, once-in-a-while kinda thing to a whole new daily level. This hasn’t been going on for long, but I finally understand those people who say they don’t feel balanced without a little sweat every day. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where trails for hiking, and hilly, leafy streets for running are all around me. Add to that a healthy dose of yoga, Pilates and sunshine and you’ve got a sure-fire plan for staying fit.

Unless I’m taking a class, I like to do my own thing at the gym and I make sure to switch up my routine now and then to keep it interesting (and to continue to challenge myself). Here are some of my favourite quick and easy workouts to pair with a run, hike, or killer Cardio Combo class. Bonus for those grinding out the remainder of winter – these can all be done indoors with little to no equipment. Get it, guuuuurrrl!

A 15-minute workout that truly kicks butt via Refinery29

Equipment-Free Total Body Workout via Fitness Magazine

10 Minute Workout: Short, Intense Workout to Get Fit via Huffington Post

Tone It Up via Self Magazine

7 Insanely Tough Workouts to Get You Pumped via Refinery29

xo Ali

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