Cheeky Pantry Jars

The beauty of these cheeky little pantry jars is two-fold: they are beyond easy to make, and they are beyond adorable when personalized for yourself, a friend, your mom or a host(ess). The key is to track down some little … Continue reading

Green Clean

While I am by no means living the extreme eco lifestyle, I just don’t love the idea of eating a sandwich off a pine-scented countertop or pouring a half litre of neon liquid down the drain every time my kitchen sink … Continue reading

Current Obsession: Monogram

My heart goes weak for all things preppy, and I would put monogrammed anything up there with the ultimate in prep. Something about the crisp lettering mixed with the personalization gets me right in the fashion soft spot and I … Continue reading

Oscar Night is Here!

Oscar night is finally upon us! This is hands down my favourite awards show of the season – the glitz! The glamour! The stars! I decorated these sugar cookies on a whim last night in preparation for a friend’s viewing … Continue reading