Current Obsession: Monogram

Darcy Miller Designs monogram drink garnish

Darcy Miller Designs

My heart goes weak for all things preppy, and I would put monogrammed anything up there with the ultimate in prep. Something about the crisp lettering mixed with the personalization gets me right in the fashion soft spot and I just can’t pass it up. While monograms can sometimes get a bad rap, I think the right placement on the right item can add the perfect touch of class. Monogrammed pieces can be both spunky trend items (like an iPhone case) or can become treasured family heirlooms (like a delicate necklace or set of dishes). Here are just a few of the monogrammed items that have me swooning this season…

Stubbs & Wootton pink monogram slippers

Stubbs & Wootton

Monogram - jewel box

C. Wonder

monogram shirt

J. Crew

Monogram - iphone

Three Hip Chicks

monogram bedding


monogram stationery

Embossed Paper Design

monogram tea cups

Paris Hotel Boutique

xo Ali

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