Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Ah, Valentine’s Day; the ultimate Hallmark Holiday. The one where no matter how much you say (and truly believe) that you could not care less about an annually sanctioned day to tell your loved ones that they are, in fact, your loved ones, you still feel both the need to show a little extra love and simultaneously find yourself disappointed if no one shows it back. A confusing day whether you are single or attached, really. That said, I feel the safest (and loveliest) way to mark the day is with just a little token something for the girl or gal in your life (even if that’s just a best bud). Something that says, I love you, I appreciate you, and here’s something to perk up your February blahs just because you are one hundred percent my favorite human and February sucks. Here are just a few ideas to get the gifting ideas flowing. And remember,when in doubt – flowers. The right answer is almost always flowers.


Valentine gift ideas for him

1. Scotch Rocks // 2. Portable ping pong set // 3. Cozy sweatpants // 4. Cheeky socks // 5. Fine tequila // 6. Travel toiletry case


Valentine gift ideas for her

1. Cute robe // 2. Funky sunglasses //3. Luxurious candles // 4. High quality creams // 5. Cozy slippers // 6. Chic French Press

Happy V-day!

xo Ali

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2 thoughts on “Valentine Gift Ideas

  1. February is an interesting month for my relationship. My girlfriend and I have an anniversary to celebrate on the 11th, her birthday is also on the 11th and then of course Valentine’s day. I like to think I’m okay at being creative with date ideas and gifts, but by the third event I need a little help. These are really cute ideas, very helpful for a lady like me.

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