Some Much-Needed Motivation

leisure vs. motivation

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then the above tells you everything about my current state of mind. Coming off a hectic lead up to the holidays and a couple of weeks spent on the east coast, I’m having a bit of trouble getting out of my sweat suit and back in to the swing of things (it even took me a few tries to get started on this post). It’s a funny thing really; a new year should feel fresh and invigorating and yet it often takes me a little while to welcome January with open arms. But with record cold temps in the east and the sun shining here in LA, I’ve decided that I have zero excuse to hibernate. OK, I may give myself a couple of days to wander around makeup-less eating honey pretzel sticks, but then it’s time to get down to business! If you’re feeling as listless as I am, here are a few links that may kick us both in the butt this week:

16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump via zenhabits

Reddit’s ‘Get Motivated’ posts

How You Can Get Motivated to Reach Your Goals via Forbes

10 Thoughts That Can Super-Motivate You via Inc

Get Motivated in 60 Seconds via Buzzfeed

xo Ali

2 thoughts on “Some Much-Needed Motivation

  1. The whole feeling surrounding completing goals keeps me going. When I was in school and totally unmotivated, I’d do a small 5-minute math assignment to kick me into gear. Seeing something crossed out on my to-do list motivated me enough to kick-start on that totally boring essay for the rest of the night. If I have a slow-day, I put some little things I do anyway on my to-do list just to get the satisfaction. (Like brushing my teeth or reading for an hour), just seeing that little check mark made me want ALL THE CHECKMARKS!

    • Jocelyn, I love this! And I’m a total sucker for checkmarks too :) I think I’ll take your advice and add a few easy, daily items to my to-do list to get the ball rolling. Thanks xo

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