New Year’s Resolutions


Some people believe that creating a list of resolutions in anticipation of the new year is setting yourself up for failure, adding pressure to the year when it has only just begun. I agree to the extent that those ‘resolutions’ involve impossible restrictions (eg. I will never eat another French fry…not happening), but I disagree in that I find a new year the perfect time to take a moment to set goals for positive improvement and growth in your life.

What are you excited to try this year? What do you want to accomplish? There are many studies which show that the simple act of writing down and visualizing your goals can greatly contribute to ultimately reaching them. A little trick: keep the list short, specific and meaningful. Here is what I’m focusing on in 2014…

Take a creative writing/screenwriting class.

Spend more time fostering new friendships.

Reserve one day a month to try something new.

Keep up weekly yoga and daily gratitude.

Perform more random acts of kindness.

xo Ali

What do you think?

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