Wishful Traveling

Mint Sprinkles Wishful Traveling

After a dreamy whirlwind weekend trip to the drop-dead-stunning island of Kauai, my thirst for travel and adventure was awakened at the sight of misty mountainscapes, pristine beaches, and double rainbows.

One very early morning started with a quiet walk to the local bakery in Hanalei Bay for delicious coffee and decadent cinnamon buns, and ended in a mellow, sunshower-filled hangout on our leafy lanai where I plotted my ultimate travel wish list.

I was reminded once again that the very best way to spend time and money is on travel and good friends, and if you can get both in one shot, well that’s just pure bliss. So if you could pick up and go anywhere in the world this weekend, where would it be, and who would you take with you?

travel Alaska

I’d bundle up in Line Knitwear, explore the glaciers, and hole up at the Alyeska Resort

travel Machu Picchu

 I’d hike the Inca Trail, marvel at the ruins, and end each day at the Sanctuary Lodge Hotel

travel Tokyo

I’d wander the never-ending city streets, catch the bright lights from high above, and revel in luxury at the Shangri-La Hotel

travel Thailand

I’d swim in the crystal waters of Koh Tao, take a Tuk-tuk ride in Bangkok, and rest my head at The Chedi in Chiang Mai

travel South Africa

I’d go on safari in Kruger National Park, check out the bustling city of Johannesburg, and delight in my stay at Giraffe Manor

travel Seychelles

I’d take in the coastline from a sail boat, snorkel in the clear blue waters, and read a good book in one sitting at the Constance Ephelia Resort

travel Israel

I’d trek the Israel Trail from Galilee to Eilat, float in the Dead Sea, and party at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv

travel Greece

I’d beat the heat on the beaches of Mykonos, watch the sunsets in Santorini, and curl up with olives and Ouzo at the Astra Suites

travel Brazil

I’d take a cable car ride up Sugarloaf Mountain, shake my booty at Carnival in Rio, and then recover at Villas de Trancoso in Bahia

xo Ali

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