Fresh & Easy Halloween Centerpiece

fresh and easy fall centerpiece

When it comes to table decor, I like to keep it ultra clean and simple. I like the food to be the focal point, so a little succulent plant here, or a tulip bud there pretty much does it for me. While cruising Pinterest a little while ago, I came across a summery photo of a votive in the bottom half of a lime peel and thought that this was a fresh and fun idea that could be recreated with apples for fall! They took me no time at all and really gave a minimalist yet festive feel to my table.

fresh and easy fall centerpiece

You’ll need:

– 6 to 10 small apples (depending on the size of your table)

– As many tea light candles as apples

– A small, sharp knife

– A small spoon

fresh and easy fall centerpiece

Now what?:

1. Place a tea light on top of your first apple and mark the perimeter of the candle with your knife.

2. Cut according to your markers to create a circle, digging down just deep enough to accommodate the height of the tea light, pop off the lid of the apple.

3. Using your small spoon, scoop out the flesh of the apple along the interior walls of the circle you just cut to create enough space for the tea light.

4. Pop your tea light snuggly in the top of the apple, discard any apple bits you cut/scooped out.


Line these little babies up along your table and light them just before your dinner to set a festive fall mood!

fresh and easy fall centerpiece

xo Ali

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