Milk + Cookies for One (or Two)

Earlier this week, I declared Melissa from No. 2 Pencil a genius of both the internet and the kitchen when I came across her recipe for just two chocolate chip cookies. Here I was, slogging over an entire batch every … Continue reading

The Very Best Tuna Salad

If there was a Joy the Baker fan club (wait…is there one?) I’d be a card-carrying member. I’ve mentioned her here before, and I just can’t seem to get enough of her recipes (and her writing). Each day, a little … Continue reading

Nail Art Newbie

I pretty much can’t believe that I’m sitting here writing a post about nail art. I have never, I repeat, never tried any funny business with my nails. I’m a straight up solid color-wearing, toes and fingers-matching, pink-to-red spectrum-sporting bore. … Continue reading

Current Obsession: The Fall Chapeau

Even though we’ve been enduring sweating out loving the 85 degree weather for the past couple of weeks, it’s like something went ‘snap’ in my head just after labour day (not like a scary ‘snap’…that sounded weird), and all of … Continue reading