Field Trip: Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

This weekend was the picture of LA perfection. The summer weather has held, and (along with a Saturday spent hiking, lunching and beaching in Malibu), I finally visited one of LA’s most famous Sunday flea markets, the Melrose Trading Post. This community flea market at Melrose and Fairfax sets up shop each Sunday in a high school parking lot, and offers everything from cut off jean shorts, to old photographs, to household trinkets, to vintage jewelry, and many, many more cut off jean shorts.

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

I consistently find myself drawn to old typewriters (above) and decided that when I find the exact right place for it, I will get myself one someday as a whimsical and creative relic of the past. These piles of old picture and mirror frames (below) had me thinking DIY, and I’ll have to take a trip back when the right project comes to me.

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

I could spend hours combing through boxes of old jewelry bits and bobs and came across a few pieces that inspired me to go back through my own collection and bring them out again. I also had a bit of a self-realizing moment when this table of old cameras (below) caught my eye, and included in the line up were a few pre-digital designs that I recognized from my high school days.

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

Melrose Trading Post, Los Angeles

Stopping for a lovely outdoor lunch @ Toast afterward found me face to face with this adorable, sunglass-wearing pit bull named Sonny Ray. A true LA dog, with cool shades and his very own website.

Sonny Ray, Dogumantry

xo Ali

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