Friday Faves

Mint Sprinkles Friday Faves

Although we are well in to July, summer has only really just gotten under my bones. I’ve got a bit of a sunny glow, I read an entire book in my backyard in one sitting (can’t remember the last time I did that), and I’ve revelled in lingering walks around my neighbourhood on a few long, warm nights. One such evening, I even snuck a quick swing session at the park down the street. It was dizzying, nauseating, and exhilarating at the same time. There’s a reason there’s an age limit on those things I suppose.

I’m super excited for the weekend ahead. My brother is coming home from school in England (yes, I have a brother!), and my parents and sister have both recently returned from long summer trips so there will be lots of fam time (which tends to include lots of tea/coffee and chats). I hope you’re spending your weekend with some of your favourite people too!

1. It’s too damn hot to turn on my oven or to even think of sautéing anything. These 25 no-cook recipes from Real Simple are the perfect guide to summer al fresco dining.

2. Painter, Erin Rothstein just might be my art spirit animal. I want to buy every. single. one of her ‘Tasting Room’ pieces, and then eat them up with a spoon.

3. Loving everything about these Lulu Frost Code Rings. Wouldn’t it be fun to get a 3-0 for your thirtieth bday? Your lucky numbers? The year you got married? The day and month of your baby’s birth? The options are endless, and I’m starting to brainstorm now…

4. I want to hug the person who thought of Stack Wines and then kick them in the shins for thinking of it first. Wine-on-the-go, need I say more?

5. The perfect après-dinner beverage: hot water, fresh mint leaves.

6. Looking for a summer beach read? Pop in the title of the last book you loved on ‘What Should I Read Next?’ and it’ll provide you with a tailor-made reading list.

Happy Friday!

xo Ali

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