You Got Served…On a Really Cute Tray


I didn’t want to spoil it ahead of time, but this is a little DIY I put together for my mom for Mother’s Day last weekend. My mom is a big fan of trays of tea and cookies while watching a great movie, or curling up on a Sunday morning with a good book and breakfast in bed. So basically, I learned everything I needed to know about the good life (ie. taking total guilt-free leisure time for yourself) from my mom. This crafty little tray was a total cinch and allowed me to take something a bit ‘blah’ and hit it with a personalized pop of colour for the lady who is serious about her impromptu tea parties.

You’ll need:

– a pencil

– scissors

– a sponge paint brush

– a plain plastic or wood tray

– a large sheet of scrap booking paper or good quality wrapping paper

– Mod Podge (I made mine by mixing 2 parts white glue with 1 part water)


Now what?:

– measure the dimensions of the bottom of your tray on the non-patterned side of  your decorative paper

– carefully cut along the measured line

– apply a thin, even coat of Mod Podge to the bottom of the tray

– stick the paper (pattern side up) on the bottom of the tray (paper should sit perfectly inside)

– apply a thin coat of Mod Podge over the entire piece of paper, being careful to seal all edges and cover the surface evenly (it will dry clear, so no need to be too particular)

– allow the first coat to dry and apply 1 -2 additional layers of Mod Podge, using the same method (allowing each coat to dry in between)

– enjoy your adorable decorative tray in the kitchen, bathroom or on your make-up table!


Note: the Mod Podge should do a good job of sealing the paper, however it’s not advisable to submerge the tray in water. A simple wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth will do the trick!

xo Ali

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