Birthday Reflections

birthday cake

Today just so happens to be my birthday, and (gulp) I am heading in to the last year of my twenties. While TV, movies all of society has made me feel like life is basically over after this final year before thirty, I have chosen to embrace the passage of time as it whizzes along. I could stress about getting older but the truth is, it really just keeps getting better. Thinking of where I was a decade ago compared to today? Well folks, I’d choose today ten out of ten times. For me, birthdays tend to be an opportunity for reflection, they provide a moment to be grateful for how far I’ve come. Here are just a few things I know now that I didn’t know ten (even five!) years ago:

That my positivity is directly related to how grateful I feel.

That I need alone time to recharge, but I need my favourite people to feed my soul.

That taking a big risk feels so good on the other side.

That it’s a good idea to start with the hardest thing on my to do list, no matter how daunting that may be.

That it becomes difficult to maintain friendships once we’re no longer a block, a classroom, or a rez room away, but that the important ones are worth the effort.

That pursuing a passion is what keeps that child-like spark alive.

That life is about figuring out what I want and how to ask for it.

But what do I know? I’m only a kid!

xo Ali

PS – It’s also International Women’s Day so…you go, girlfriends!

Feature image and cake recipe at Sweetapolita

6 thoughts on “Birthday Reflections

  1. As you get older it is up to you how fun you make it, I do laugh when people say “You’re to old for that” my response normally is – “I don’t see an age limit written on it, so I am not too old”HA. I have always said age is just a number and the years was a learning experience. My life has not changed much since my early 20s, I just learned from mistakes along the way. The older you get the more experience you have.

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